Public relations is a powerful component of any marketing strategy, but it’s often overlooked due to its presumed connection with traditional marketing concepts that fail to deliver. On the contrary, establishing a strong online presence through media channels aligns with several content marketing objectives.


A properly targeted public relations campaign can:

  • Help you reach your potential customers as a mass group
  • Stimulate brand awareness
  • Establish credibility where traditional advertising fails
  • Gain a let up over competitors that aren’t taking advantage of the power of PR
  • Facilitate relationships with media outlets that have influence in your industry


However, developing a PR strategy can be overwhelming and time-consuming for companies that attempt to go it alone. It’s difficult to take on the task of crafting your public relations strategy and transforming your ideas into reality.


When you’re ready to embrace the advantages of public relations tactics as part of your content marketing approach, it’s time to trust the professionals. Our experts deliver PR impact by identifying the proper outlets and determining your target audience. Creating a brand message that supports your goals is essential and measuring performance is another top priority.


Are you looking for ways to bring public relations strategies into your online marketing approach? Please contact a specialist at Richard Tyler Technologies to schedule a free consultation. We’re happy to tell you about how we incorporate public relations tactics to build brand awareness and drive revenue.

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