Search engine marketing has been around for awhile, but it hasn’t lost its edge as one of the most cost-efficient and effective means of reaching your potential customers. On its own, it has certain limitations, as the reason your target audience searches online is to discover valuable information and find answers to their questions. When combined with a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, however, search marketing places your company front and center before qualified prospects.


The value of search marketing cannot be denied:

  • Search is the most-utilized method people turn to for locating information
  • 93% of online interaction begins by initiating a search on the major search engines
  • Search is the top driver of traffic to blogs, websites, white papers and other content sources
  • More than one billion search inquiries are initiated every month on Facebook


At its core, search marketing is effective because it delivers targeted, pertinent information to those seeking it. From a cost standpoint, search is among the most lucrative marketing tactics: If you implement a pay-per-click strategy, you only pay when a potential customer searches for keywords and finds your content relevant to their inquiry.


Our expertise in searching marketing strategies gives you the upper hand over your competitors, affordably and systematically. We begin by crafting a search strategy that centers on all segments of your customer base and sustains your business objectives. Our process focuses on your target audience and identifies the key words and phrases that matter most to them, when ­they matter. Our search marketing efforts ensure that prospects find your content and are compelled to click through to it. Recognizing that budgetary concerns are a top consideration, we help you get the most out of your search marketing investment.


Would you like to hear more about the role SEO principles play in your online marketing scheme? Give us a call at Richard Tyler Technologies to set up a free consultation with one of our specialists. We can answer your questions and discuss how a strong search strategy is one of the basic building blocks of an online marketing approach.

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