Is Your Site Secure?

Protect Your Business, Customers, and Online Reputation
with our Website Vulnerability Audit.

A Website Security Is A Must…

Richard Tyler International Technologies Website Security Audit examines your website pages, applications and web servers to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that would give hackers an opportunity to do damage. Simply give us your domain and an email address and you will receive a complete report with the recommendations you need to take corrective action.

We’ll quickly identify website security issues and then test your site routinely to keep it secure! There is nothing to install and our tests will not disturb your site or visitors.

Richard Tyler International Technologies is driven to protect your website and online business the same way we protect government agencies and large corporations. Every scan starts by testing the equipment that hosts your site. No matter how carefully coded your pages are, if the host equipment is vulnerable, your site is at risk.

Then Richard Tyler International Technologies automatically tests your website pages for all of the known code vulnerabilities like:

  • SQL Injection
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • File Disclosure
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • PHP/ASP Code Injection
  • Directory Traversal

Test Your Website Security and Protect Your Online Business Today!

With our Web Site Security Audit doing regular scans of your website you will KNOW that it is secure. Richard Tyler International Technologies Website Security Audit is an easy to use vulnerability assessment scanner that will find and describe website weaknesses accurately, rate the risk level of each and provide the exact solution for a handling. It requires NO technical expertise to use, simply give us the domain and your email address and you will soon have a complete report that you or your technical admin can use to secure your site.

Included in our Standard and Advanced services is the Richard Tyler International Technologies Website Security Seal. Display it on your home and checkout pages to show all visitors that your site is secure. E-Commerce and  Retail site owners typically find that adding a Richard Tyler International Technologies Website Security Seal pays for itself with increased sales and piece of mind.

Website Security Audit Packages

Services Included Complete Security Audit Basic Advanced
select select select
Scan Frequency One Time Weekly or Monthly Daily, Weekly or Monthly
Easy Set Up signok signok signok
Thorough Scanning signok signok signok
Reveals SQL Injection and XSS signok signok signok
New Risk Test Updates Daily signok signok signok
False Positive Rate below .01% signok signok signok
Risk Solution Recommendations signok signok signok
Complete, Actionable Reports signok signok signok
Domains Scanned 1 2 5
Richard Tyler International Technologies Security Seal on Your Site signok signok
Scan On Demand signok
Setup Fee: $34.95 $0.00 $0.00
Monthly Fee: $0.00 $29.95 $99.95
Complete Security Audit Basic Advanced
select select select

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  • 3-cbs
  • 4-nbc
  • 5-forbes
  • 6-entreprenuer
  • 7-business-joirnal
  • 8-marketwatch
  • 9-cnbc
  • 10-bloomberg
  • 11-reuters
  • 12-yahoo-finance
  • 13-cnn
  • 15-view-all

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